Margaretha Schöning



Mixed Media


Time-based Media



Margaretha Schöning’s works capture convincingly the possibility of transforming the ordinary through formal visual language using the medium of video.

The focus of the viewer is directed towards close ups of two vessels filled with coloured liquid. The slowly moving surfaces show the tension created by rising and receding liquids at the rim of the vessel, in othe rwords the physical appearance of capillarity. The perception of the natural phenomena is based on formal structures of naturally created moving shapes, whose projection generates the notion of abstraction. In this cinematic experiment the image is set in motion and gradually expands into the dimensions of space and time.

The static use of the medium, the clearly structured sequences and the reduced choice of materials are antithetical and in stark contrast to visual mass media which typically flood our minds with rapidly changing, juxtaposed images. Margaretha Schöning’s idea of a formal, minimal aesthetic shows us the fascinating side of an ordinary, non-arti-ficial reality.

Dr Martin Turck



  Margaretha Schoening video still image  
Red Series 2004
Schleuse 2002
Über Wasser 2002
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Über Wasser
Red Series 2
Red Series 1