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In Conversation
Wasanii International Artists’ Workshop
Lake Naivasha 2011











‘In Conversation’ provided an opportunity not only to reflect on and discuss working conditions and artistic practices of the diverse artists who took part in the workshop, but also to build on the experiences during the workshop, be it with regards to future collaborations amongst the artists or the effect the conversations had on developing ideas for my own work.

The emphasis was on discussion, dialogue and debate, though artists were not be discouraged from making art, the goal of this workshop was to provide a platform for meeting and in depth conversations . The two-week workshop brought together a group of artists and writers working in various disciplines to share ideas, experiences inspired by the context, discourse and the opportunity to work alongside other artists.

I enjoyied the challenge of visually translating information gathered from the conversations with participating artists and other invited guests from diverse backgrounds.

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basements-connected 2016
Cornerstone 2011
Wasanii International Artists' Workshop 2011
Mumbai 2004
basement XII 2006
Layers 2007
Ausstellungsraum Kyotobar 2008